The production location achieved ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 quality management system certification. The main products include of matting and curing agents (Matt Hardener series products), organic chemicals & pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical reagents and assistants.

The production sites has large-scale and intermediate-scale production workshops that well equipped with various of manufacturing facilities, which enable all reactions possibly including nitration, reduction, oxidation, amination, diazotization & coupling, halogenation, esterification, alkylation, sulfonation, acetylation, acyl chloride, phosgene and cyclizative condensation.

The production sites has full quality assurance system and well-equipped Quality Control Center . It has complete testing measures, include of liquid phase(HPLC), gaseous phase(GC), Automatic potentiometric titration,Spectrophotography, colorimeter and others as well.

The company employed 20 technical professionals with strong ability and experience for  researching and developing new products.  The company enable to fast find a safe and economically viable method of scale-up and piloting up chemicals from kilos to tons with high quality. We had successfully synthesized and processed various organic products for our partners worldwide.

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